You don’t apparently need FTTP but a Power Station does.

You thought the door was closed forever on premises getting NBN Fibre to the Premise? Well apparently not as there appears to be a planned rollout of NBN FTTP to a power station in Cowan New South Wales.

While anyone could of easily discovered this I was placing the NBN rollout pin in random places of the map and eventually I came across the town of Cowan. Cowan is planned for Fibre to the Node (FTTN) which uses fibre ran from the exchange to a street node cabinet and then the existing copper runs into peoples homes and premises. But one part of Cowan and I mean 1 part or 1 premise is apparently planned to have fibre directly rolled out to it between October and December 2018. This is full fibre and none of the FTTN nonsense. As guessed from above this lot planned is a Power station.  Why a Power station would need NBN FTTP is beyond me and I can’t really think of a reason why besides the copper line being too long but knowing NBN wouldn’t they just install a micro-node instead? I guess not.

I’m not saying power stations don’t need FTTP but I find it weird how one lot is planned for FTTP and the rest of the town isn’t.



The Image on the left is a streetview capture of the Cowan Power Station. Meanwhile the Image on the Right is a satellite view of both the house and Power station.



Meanwhile just across the Pacific Highway Bridge this unlucky house very close to the Power Station above is planned to have FTTN rolled out.


Now this may be an error in the end and maybe the power station isn’t planned for FTTP and it may be getting Copper instead or nothing at all. I decided to report on this while the map was still showing planned FTTP for the power station and FTTN for the house just up the road.

When I first saw this on Monday I contacted NBN Corporate Affairs officer Karina Keisler asking why the Power station is planned for FTTP but the houses up the road aren’t. As you can probably take the guess from, I didn’t hear back from her and I doubt I will on the matter. They seem very eager to keep news about FTTP to a minimum but is more than happy to blow their trumpets on Copper Broadband technology.

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