What is this?

Hi there,

Welcome to The NBN Forum V2.0

This is an upgrade from our perspective splitting our old forums into an forum/article combo.

This means that there will now be two domains used by us to run this forum / site.

  • forum.thenbnforum.com (You’re here!)
  • thenbnforum.com (Articles / Announcements)

Why are we doing this?

This plan of action was intiated after the staff team voted overwhealmingly in favor of this course of action, if we where to keep using our old forum software it would have ment that the site would have to shut down due to ever increasing costs. Thanks to this move to free open source software we’ve allowed quite a few things;

  • Open Source = Everyone can help contribute to our forum
  • Free Software = Costs have been reduced to just our hosting costs and if we wish we can also extend the base installation with premium themes
  • Seperation = Now we can have a professional looking frontend article system and a nicely built forum backend that will allow us to continue our forum discussions while also allowing members to post articles on the main end, we hope to extend the fuctionality to allow SSO between the forums and wordpress but this will take time as we are currently negotiating with our hosting provider about making changes to our php configuration.

What happened to my posts, my profile, my articles etc?

Unfortuneatly there is no way to move the data we had to this new version. Myself and FibreFTW have access to the old database and have backed it up, if you would like a copy or certain parts of the database please send us a pm with that request, we must note that the database when being sent will contain users encrypted passwords, while we know that they shouldnt be able to be cracked, the version of the database you receive will have this information removed for security reasons.

Premium members will be re-added to the premium group as soon as they re-register

Whats next and is there anything I should know?

Overtime as we continue to set this new version of the forum up we will make this new system much simpler to use, we ask during this time if you choose to sign up to the forum to NOT sign up to the wordpress instance until we make an announcement regarding that issue, as when we sync accounts between the SSO solution your account could break.

By default until we can work out a permission sytem on the wordpress instance article posting will be restricted, if you wish to make an article during this time please message Zapmaster14 so he can make sure you’re setup.

More information will be posted bellow as the transition takes place.

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