Telstra to compensate nbn customers for slow speed

Telstra has announced today that “The ACCC has today accepted an undertaking from Telstra as part of Telstra’s ongoing program to improve the information customers receive about nbn speeds.”

Telstra has stated that “providing a great customer experience is our number one priority and that includes giving customers as much choice as possible as they connect to an nbn service.. As it is not possible to accurately determine what speed the nbn can deliver to a customer prior to connection, we have been reviewing the speeds of customers who take up a speed boost on their FTTN or FTTN nbn services after connection. we have been undertaking this review since May 2017 and, where we identify they cannot attain the benefit of the speed boost, we have been contacting them to provide refunds.”

This is certainly an interesting move from Telstra one I think should be applauded, I hope that RSPs will finally be telling consumers what speed their line is capable of and then only selling them Up To the max of that speed.

Im a bit puzzled that Telstra wouldn’t know the line speeds that potential FTTN/FTTB customers would reach as previous evidence submitted to the Joint Standing Committee on the National Broadband Network by nbn seemed to indicate that nbn and indeed the telco’s had access to a “speed database” whereas nbn has an idea of the maximum line syncs customers would receive.

You can read the full press release from Telstra.

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