Not even Malcolm Turnbull is connected to he’s own NBN Yet

According to a very small news article from this afternoon they reported that Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is not connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN) yet.  The article mentions through that he’s private home has an Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) connected and that very soon he will be switched over to the National Broadband Network on Hybrid Fibre Coxial technology? (Possibly?) as Point Piper is serviced by Telstra’s now NBN’s HFC Network (Which uses the same Pay-TV Cables for internet)

According to a 2015 report on Malcom. It’s estimated he was worth at the time $200 million dollars so it’s likely he has millions stashed away and if he’s no fan of Hybrid Fibre Coaxial despite being the Man responsible for incorporating it into the National Broadband Network then he can afford NBN’s Technology choice upgrade to Fibre to the Premise technology without burning a hole in he’s wallet. If he’s no fan of NBN himself then he always has the 2nd option to get a private fibre connection if it’s so dearly important to him.

Perhaps the reason Malcolm has held out on connecting to the NBN in he’s area is because he may secretly need more than 25 Megabits but doesn’t want those details known publicly as it’ll create another negative image for him backtracking on what he once said and we know how the liberals hate being wrong. Secondly Malcolm could be holding off connecting to the National Broadband Network  because of the amount of issues it’s currently plagued with such as congestion but being the former telecommunications minister here and knowing a knowledge of telecommunications, I’m sure if Mal was to run into congestion issues he’d somehow be to skip the complaints line and go directly to NBN and have a firm word with the NBN CEO Bill Morrow and ask if he’s service can 100% be congestion free but that’ll be unlikely as HFC is a shared medium. Or in the end Malcolm could be holding off connecting to the NBN in he’s private residence as he hasn’t had the need or urgency to switch over to the NBN. Whatever the reason is for him not being connected to the NBN Network so far, it’s probably a good one.

My personal opinion on the matter tho is it would be exciting to see Turnbull connect to the MTM part of the NBN he’s responsible for creating and seeing what he really thinks of it (tho good luck on him admitting it sucks if he has a negative time with it) and even if the NBN isn’t that good to him at least he’ll embrace it someway or another saying there’s so much you can do on the Internet, just connect up with a service provider and your good to go.

As for the article, at the moment it’s very light on details and whether we’ll see more updates or information added to it is a mystery for now.

This article is based on information from the following sources:

Sydney Morning Herald

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